American Windsurfing Tour 2015
Pacasmayo, La Libertad – Peru

Dates: 23rd – 29th August 2015
Venue: Hotel El Faro Adventure Resort
Website:  Resgistration!

Pacasmayo is located 675 kms north of Lima, Capital of Peru. We are offering an event that integrates water sports, culture and tourism in a safe and comfortable environment.
Make sure to get in contact with the organizers to confirm your registration, payments, accomodation, or to ask any question related to the event. Thanks!!



                             Jaime Rojas
                             (+51) 976 864 403

                              Carolina Butrich
                             (+51) 954 780 725  
                              El Faro Adventure Resort

 2.Registration and divisions
Fill the form in and make the registration payment:
-  US$ 100 / Until june 30th
-  US$ 120 / until August 22nd
-  Registration on the beach is US$150
Windsurfing divisions:
- Pro
- Amateur
- Women
- Youth

3. Getting there:
Nearest airports are: Trujillo (1 hour south of Pacasmayo) and Chiclayo (1 hour north of Pacasmayo). The taxi ride from Trujilo/Chiclayo is about $25-$30 to Pacasmayo.
If you Fly to Lima, there are direct buses to Pacasmayo. Long (9-11 hours) but super confortable (seats of 180 degrees!) and all night long. Price one way: $40.

4. Conditions:  
Pacasmayo offers fun corss off wave riding. You will find light wind portack conditions. You will have 10-15 turns per wave (maybe more) and a couple of aerials without crowds. Bigger South West swells offer rides of 2kms where you can loose count of the number of turns you can do! Even with no swell predicted, the point tends to offer small clean waves.
Water temperatura is around 18 degrees C, so a 3/2 wetsuit is used all years. The shore break is mellow, but there are some rocks and shells to be aware.

5. Accomodation:
El Faro is located closer to the point and in front of the ocean. Provides friendly staff and a safe location. There is a gear storage and a bar and restaurant facilities and a swimming pool in the hotel. For more information visit:
-  The hotel will give priority to registered competitores.
-  The hotel will provide a preferencial fee of US$ 30 per night incluiding food for the days of the event
–  23rd to 29th of august. Shared rooms and paying cash only.
-  The hotel will provide a discount of 30% off the list price for the days prior or post event.
El faro adventure resort

6. The town:
Pacasmayo is a typical peruvian small town with warm climate and relaxed atmosphere. It is warm during the day but a bit cold in the evening. There are several hostels and hotels with a wide range of prices.
The venue of the event is: Pacasmayo Adventure resort, which offers special deals for competitors during the days of the event

7. Exploring the area:
There are several other waves in the area such as: Chicama (longest left wave in the world) or Puemape. They are worth checking out if you’re in Peru for a while.

8. Tourist attractins:
There are many ruins in the local area dating to the Moche, who pre date the Incas.
Within eyesight to the north of Pacasmayo is Dos Cabezas: a moche Pyramid which has unfortunately collapsed due to grave robbers. Is worth a look on light wind days.
Chan chan near Trujillo is a huge Moche city with big open rooms full of ancient Mosaques.

Any information, please enter the website: ; or contact:

                             Jaime Rojas
                             (+51) 976 864 403

                              Carolina Butrich
                             (+51) 954 780 725  
                              El Faro Adventure Resort


Cel (+51) 976864403
Nextel (94)640*9848




La Libertad


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